Voice333 allows advanced calling card services, for inexpensive long-distance and international calling. If the subscribers are traveling and want to take advantage of Voice333 low long-distance and international call rates, they can access the system and authenticate via PIN or Caller ID (for example from an authorized mobile phone) or both. In addition, they can access their online Address Book and make calls directly with the offered Voice333 Sofphone software that runs as and ActiveX application in Microsoft Internet Explorer. One additional way to interact with the Calling Card is to request a call-back service described in the Call-Back Service section.


  • PIN Authentication
  • ANI/CallerID Authentication
  • Voucher Recharge Support
  • Account Recharge Support via IVR Interface
  • Authorized CallerID Management via Web or Phone
  • Distinctive Ringing for Speed Dial Numbers
  • Speed Dial Managed by Subscriber
  • Multi-Call Support within a single initial call
  • Web Management of Authorized Caller ID lists
  • Web Call History Management
  • Web Statement and Balance Information


  1. Subscriber calls the Voice333 central number
  2. Subscriber is authorized based on Caller ID
  3. If Caller ID authentication fails subscriber enters authorized PIN number
  4. Subscriber hears their account balance
  5. Subscriber speed dials the selected number and hears the authorized time for this call
  6. Subscriber hears distinctive ringing
  7. Subscriber is connected
  8. Subscriber terminates the first call and dials a second number
  9. Subscriber talks to the second party
  10. Subscriber hangs up the call
  11. The subscriber checks his call history and call balance via Web