• Private and Public Conferences
  • PIN Authentication
  • Three Conference Roles
  • Call Screen (Name) Administrative Authentication
  • Dynamic Conference Management via Web or Phone
  • Scheduled Conference support
  • Multi-Participant Invitations
  • Music on Hold
  • Conference Recording
  • Conference Recording to Email Forwarding
  • Private Bridging and Virtual Conferencing
  • Password Management
  • Web and Phone Caller Management
  • Web and Phone Conference Initialization


Traditional Single-Stage/Two-Stage Conference

  1. Callers enter the conference room via direct Service Number (single-stage) or call the Voice333 central conference number and dial the conference room number (two-stage).
  2. Callers authenticate via PIN.
  3. Callers listen to music on hold while the administrator arrives.
  4. Administrator arrives and conference starts.
  5. Administrator manages callers by disconnecting and muting/unmuting them.
  6. Administrator records the conference and sends it to his email.
  7. Administrator allows private call screen based access to the conference.
  8. Callers talk to each other utilizing the conference room or privately utilizing private bridging.
Scheduled Conference
  1. The system calls all listed phone numbers and invites the subscribers to conference based on time or administrator login.
  2. Callers enter the conference.
  3. Conference starts and the administrator manages the conference via Phone or Web.
Web Initiated Conference

Voice333 Web Conference allows advanced team collaboration and data sharing services. A detailed description of how to configure a web conference is provided in the Web Conference Section.


Voice333 offers advanced conference services for businesses and individuals. Supported services include conferences that are traditional, scheduled, invite-only, private and public. The system supports three levels of conference user roles that include Administrator, Regular Caller ,and Muted Caller. Administrators can manage conference rooms from the phone (Administrative IVR) or via Web (Web console). Two types of conferences are supported: private (pin authenticated) and public conference. The conference participants may be asked for PIN authentication to enter the conference, if required, or authenticate with Name (conference screening). Administrators can disconnect, mute, and unmute participants via Phone or web at any time, terminate conference, or record the conference and manage the records online or via phone. Scheduled conferences are fully supported based on time or administrator login event. Conferences support private bridging (allows two participants to talk privately), and status services (provides conference status). Conference access can be Service Number based (single-stage) or Extension Number based (two-stage), based on the subscriber profile setup.