General Information

VoIP stands for "Voice over IP" or "Voice over Internet Protocol." It uses the Internet and data networks to send and receive calls and faxes. Because it uses your existing high-speed Internet connection, it offers great savings on long distance and international calls.
Voice333 is a local and long distance calling service provided by Telekomunikasi Indonesia International Pte.Ltd. that uses the latest technology to combine voice and internet networks to provide quality, reliable and cost-effective inbound and outbound long distance calling solutions. You can use your regular phone or cell phone as well as Voice333's softphone to use all of its services.
Caller-id is an unique number that is provided to you at sign-up. Through it, other Voice333 members can call you directly on your softphone (if it is running).
Yes. Individuals and corporations with moderate to large long distance or international call usage can enjoy significant savings, depending on call volume – 20%, 30%, or 50% or more.
The softphone is an application that runs only on Microsoft Windows platform. It is an application ('.exe' file) that can be downloaded from Voice333. In order to run it, you will need a headset with a microphone.
No. Using Voice333, you can connect to parties using any telephone technology.
It depends. If you are using the Voice333 softphone, your computer must be running in order to receive calls. If your computer is not on or you are unavailable, the call will be directed to your Voicemail. If you are using a device that works without a computer such as an IP phone or a telephone adapter, calls will be directed to that device; unanswered calls will be directed to your Voicemail.
Yes, your Voice333 account provides you with complete portability. You can access Voice333 from anywhere in the world using Voice333’s softphone or a phone adapter. To access Voice333’s softphone, simply log into your account and press the phone icon. The softphone automatically installs. To use a phone adapter, just plug it into any high-speed Internet connection and place calls.
The Voice333 service routes your incoming and outgoing voice calls right alongside the data being sent to or from your computer. Thus, you can make and receive calls while you use your computer to access the Internet. Voice333 uses advanced audio compression techniques to minimize the data traffic caused by voice calls and maximize the bandwidth available for your other Internet traffic.
Voice333 uses two types of service numbers - private and public. A Private Service Number is generated when you subscribe for any of Voice333's services. That number is associated with a specific service and uniquely identifies both the service and the subscriber. Private Service Numbers are directly accessible from within Voice333, i.e. if you or your friends dial a private service number using Voice333's softphone they will be connected to the service. A Public Service Number is an actual telephone number that can be dialed from any phone. You need a public service phone if you want to access a given service from outside Voice333.
To get a Private Service Number simply subscribe for any of Voice333's services and such number will be provided. To subscribe, go to www.Voice333 and log in to your account. Select the Control Center page, check the checkbox corresponding to a service of your choice and press the Update Services button. The page will refresh and you will see the assigned private service number next to the selected service.