Voice333 is an advanced VoIP telephony service that allows subscribers to take full advantage of the new generation telephony services. Voice333 offers all traditional telephony services such as Call Waiting, Call on Hold, call Transfer, Call park, 3-way Calling, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Do-Not-Disturb, Redial, Speed Dial, 911 Energency Service, 411 Directory Assistance, *68, *70, Caller ID Block. In addition, the system will allow Voicemail Forwarding, Distinctive Ringing (to distinguished callers), Call Screening (to screen unwanted sales calls), White and Black Lists (to permanently ban callers from calling you). Voice333 allows two modes of operation: single-stage dialing - the callers will reach you by dialing the Service Number assigned to you (similar to the traditional telephony service), and two-stage dialing -- the callers will reach you by dialing a central number first and then dialing your assigned extension. Both options offer call screening to provide selective call pickup.


  • Call Forwarding
  • Call On Hold
  • Call Park
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Screening
  • Call Waiting
  • Distinctive Ringing
  • Speed Dial
  • Caller ID
  • Redial
  • Last-Inbound-Number Redial
  • Do Not Disturb (DND)
  • 3-Way Calling (conference)
  • *68, *70 support
  • Caller ID Block
  • White and Black Number Lists
  • Web Call History Management
  • Web Statement and Balance Information
  • Web and Phone Feature Management
  • NAT Traversal and Firewall Friendly


Single-Stage Dialing

  1. Caller calls your assigned Service Number
  2. Subscriber receives the call.
  3. Subscriber picks up the call with or without Call Screening
  4. The subscriber hangs up the phone
Two-Stage Dialing
  1. Caller calls the central Voice333 number
  2. Caller dials the subscriber extension number
  3. Subscriber receives the call
  4. Subscriber picks up the call with or without Call Screening
  5. The subscriber hangs up the phone


NORFA PBX DTMF Programming Commands
Command Description Command Value
Call Forward
Forwards a call to another number
*1* xxx-xxx-xxxx #
, where xxx-xxx-xxxx is the number your call will be forwarded to
Call Forward Disable
Disables call forward
Call Hold
Puts an already established call on hold
Call Hold Retrieve
Retrieves a call that has been placed on hold
Call Park to Known Extension
This function allows you to park an active call at a specific (known) extension number and then retrieve it from another phone.
# xxx #
, where xxx is the known extension number

Retrieving Call Parked Number
Retrieves a parked call
Dial the park number extension (xxx)
Press the # key
Call Screening Enable/Disable
Enables or Disables Call Screening
Caller ID Hide/Show
When this feature is enabled the user can initiate an anonymous (caller id hide) or unanonymous (caller id show) call
* 2 #
Call Waiting Enable/Disable
When this function is enabled an incoming call will be placed in a waiting state for a certain time period.
DND On/Off
The DND (Do-Not-Disturb) functionality allows or prevents incoming calls from ringing at your phone.
Last Number Redial
Calls your last dialed number again
Last Incoming Call Dial
Calls your last incoming call again, press:
Log-In / Log-Out Agent
Logs-in or logs-out an agent
, where ID is the agents unique identification number
Recording On/Off
Enables (On) or disables (Off) call recording
Speed Dial
This function allows you to dial up to 10 stored speed dial numbers. A Speed Dial number is a number that allows you to initiate a call by pressing just one button.
*0 x #
, where X denotes the digits assigned to the speed dial number
Transfer a Call
Transfers an active call to an existing PBX number
# xxx-xxx-xxxx #
, where xxx-xxx-xxxx denotes the number the call will be transferred to.

Disable PBX functionalities

Anonymous Call Management *21
NORFA PBX Programming Commands
Command Description Command Value
Extension Number Specifies the PBX Extension number that will be used for creating the profile.
Directory Name Dialing Initials Specifies the name of the directory dialing.
Indicates whether the PBX Extension has been activated or not.
Enable DND When checked, DND (Do Not Disturb) will be activated. DND allows users to block incoming calls from ringing their terminal.
Hide Caller ID When checked, Caller ID will not be displayed.
If Caller ID is not displayed users will be able to initiate anonymous calls.
Enable Call Waiting When checked, call waiting will be enabled. The feature allows incoming calls to be placed in a waiting state for a certain time period.
Enable Call Screening When checked, call screen will be enabled.
Enable Call Recording When checked, call recording will be enabled.
Enable SMS Notification When checked SMS notification will be enabled.
GSM Number Allows you to enter a GSM number.
Forward Specifies a set of conditions for which call forward will be enabled.
Available options are:
  1. Disable
  2. If Busy/No Answer
  3. If Busy
  4. If No Answer
Forced DND Rule Indicates the DND rule forced upon the PBX Extension.
Forward Number Specifies the forward number used.
Voicemail Number Specifies the voicemail number used.
Enable Voicemail When checked, voicemail will be enabled.
Speed Dials Defines a set of speed dial numbers used for faster dialing. Speed dial numbers could be defined in the following manner:

,where the number to the left of the equal (=) sign represents the speed-dial number that needs to be called.
White List Numbers When specified, white list numbers will override DND.
Black List Numbers When specified, black list numbers will force DND.
Description Allows a short description (up to 71 characters) of the call filter to be entered.